halfpint-45thmbHalf Pint Minerals was created in the spring of 2013 in an effort to live life more simply.  Many of us used high end cosmetics at one time due to sensitiveness but these cosmetics failed us. Research into the ingredients, we discovered we were poisoning ourselves with chemicals that are very harsh.

After lots of research and prayer, we were able to come up with a formulation and be able to help other women with an inexpensive, healthy alternative to products currently on the market.

Why Should I Use Half Pint Minerals?

True mineral makeup doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin and clog your pores. Half Pint Minerals doesn’t use fillers, gluten, nut, or soy products near or in the products. There are no parabens, preservatives, or any chemicals used. Mineral makeup naturally doesn’t need preservatives due to it being a powder. Our makeup is also a fraction of the price compared to other similar brands. Half Pint Minerals is also very gentle for the most sensitive skin.halfpint-24thmb

All ingredients and finished products from Half Pint Minerals are cruelty free. Nothing is ever tested on animals in any way. We promise to never participate in animal cruelty.

If you are looking to purchase makeup from us and are unsure what colors to choose, some of the many services we offer are local trying out of products and personalized assistance online and offline.