Do you have any questions about Half Pint Minerals’ products? Below are some questions we have been asked and the corresponding answers. Please contact us with the contact form for any other questions you might have.

Why Half Pint Minerals makeup?
Mineral makeup doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin and clog your pores. Some mineral makeup contains fillers that cheapen them. At Half Pint Minerals, we never use fillers. Our makeup is also a fraction of the price, leaving more money in your wallet!

Why are the prices so low?
Our overhead is very low, so we are able to keep  prices low to cater to many people. Our business is so small that it is unnecessary to have very high prices. We choose local vendors for ingredients and containers to help local business and to keep the prices down.

Why loose powder?
Our products are in loose powder form for several reasons. Making a solid compact or palette (multiple colors on one sheet) is more time consuming, more expensive and can contain more ingredients. The process of making solid makeup uses alcohol and binders. Some people are allergic to the binders. We do have plans for palettes and compacts much later down the road, but we will never use anything more than the purest and simplest of ingredients.

halfpint-16-qsWill the minerals clog my pores?
Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic; it will not clog pores. Minerals are special; they don’t seep below your skin when applied. This happens with liquid and cream makeup, causing your pores to become clogged. Minerals act differently; they sit on top of your skin, allowing it skin to breath. If you experience pore clogging, it can often be caused by your moisturizer. It is important to start with a clean face and use a non-comedogenic moisturizer that contains limited ingredients. Primer is not necessary for mineral makeup if you use moisturizer on a fresh face. Primer can often clog pores and usually contains chemicals. We suggest using a gentle moisturizer with very limited ingredients or pure, organic coconut oil. Both of which can be purchased at most local health food stores.

How do I apply the makeup?
After opening the jar, use a brush, buffing it into the powder (circular motions on the cap works best) and apply the powder with the brush to your clean and moisturized face (make sure your moisturizer fully soaks into your skin before starting). When applying, buff by going in circular motions. This can also be done for putting the eye shadow onto the eye shadow brush, and then slowly sweeping the eye shadow brush across your eyelid.

Does the Finishing Dust work on all skin tones? I noticed it looks very pale!
The Finishing Dust will work for all skin tones, a little goes a long way. All you need to do is buff it on to your skin with a face brush and you won’t notice a cakey or pale color.

What are the ingredients?
Ingredients that are in all the powder products include: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron Oxides (77491, 77492, 77499). Purple, green, and blue eye shadows contain Ferric Ferrocyanide and/or Magnesium Violet.

Do you have samples?
Yes, we provide samples with each order. (If you order just eye shadow, you may get a special sample of foundation or bronzer. If you order a foundation, you may get bronzer or blush with the order. Large orders can sometimes receive eye shadows or new colors not yet sold. We love surprising people!)

halfpint-45-qsIs Half Pint Mineral cruelty free?
YES. All the ingredients and finished products from Half Pint Minerals are cruelty free. Nothing is ever tested on animals in any way. Animal testing is unethical. Many companies say they don’t except where required by law, this means that they may not but someone does for them. This is unethical. You may think, what is animal testing and why should I be concerned with it? Animal testing doesn’t just include applying the product to the animal. It includes, injecting it into their bloodstream is massive quantities and also making the animals eat massive quantities. This is unacceptable! Half Pint Minerals will never participate in animal cruelty. We promise you this!

Help: I don’t know what color to get!
Not a problem! Please utilize the contact form and we will take the time to help you decide which shades are just right for you.

That’s simple: To keep things easy we use flat rate shipping for orders less than 70 pounds (US only, International is 4 pounds or less). This makes shipping pricing less of a headache and they arrive to your address quicker.

What is the processing and shipping time?
Processing takes us an average of 1-3 business days and shipping for flat rate US is 1-3 business days. Please allow for an extra day if you live in a rural area. International orders can possibly take 7 or more business days to arrive, due to customs.

Where does Half Pint Minerals ship to?
Half Pint Minerals ships to every country in the world!

Are there any coupons available?
Periodically, we offer seasonal coupons which are generally posted on our Facebook page along with the Welcome page of the website for your convenience.

Is the makeup gluten free, nut free, soy free, and dairy free?
Here at Half Pint Minerals, we can’t understand why any mineral makeup wouldn’t be. We make all of our products, so we make sure none of these ingredients ever come close to Half Pint Minerals! Everything we do is completely sterile. You won’t find anything but minerals and pigments in the products we make. Some of the first people (close friends of ours) who used the foundation were allergic to nuts and gluten. For these reasons, they are very happy with these products and continue to buy them. So you can rest easy that your makeup will always be free of any allergens.

lipbalm2-qsI have really sensitive skin, is this suitable for me?
Yes! Nicole (the founder) has eczema and very sensitive skin, part of the reason why she decided to start Half Pint Minerals, and the driving factor of why we now offer this alternative option for others. If you have sensitive “problem” skin, Half Pint Minerals will be very suitable for you!

Can my children use this makeup?
Little girls want to be just like their mothers and often play with their makeup. Mineral makeup is suitable for children of all ages as it is non-toxic. Most traditional makeup is not suitable for children because of the chemicals used. There are no chemicals in our makeup, ever, and your little girls can use it too! So if they “get into your makeup” you won’t have to worry. You can even buy them their own eye shadows to play with. In fact, we recommend this!

Who took the wonderful photographs on the website?
The professional photographs were taken by Morning Star Creative Group in 2013 and 2014. We really appreciate the amazing job they did and if you are looking for a photographer, we highly recommend the company.